verturning traditions, the first solar-powered intelligent trash compactor was born

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  Soaring chimney, suffocating exhaust, malodorous city, did you escape? Solar-powered intelligent trash compactor overturns the traditio nal concept of bin, solves the old problem of public space "dirty" which traditional rubbish bin brings. Excellent performance, simple line, the appearance of integrated into the surrounding environment, reduce the garbage of the streets, change the city life of world. In clean corner of the city, breathing the fresh air, WIFI browsing the latest news, you can enjoy the relaxed life.
  SID-05 series of solar-powered intelligent trash compactors under the brand of I-cloudbin are adopt the new concept, and it owns 12 national patents. It overturns comprehensively traditions, builds an effective and sustainable  waste recovery of public space and recycling systems. By creating an intelligent infrastructure(solar energy conversion way solves the recycling of waste and increase the compression ability), to establish an intelligent cleaning management control platform. the actual work and the use of real-time data and analysis to drive the business planning and resource allocation, to achieve energy conservation and emissions reduction, low carbon environment and cost savings. At the same time it can reduce carbon footprint, promote the sustainable development of human and the nature harmoious coexistence.