Intelligent sensor storage bin——Demonstrate Healthy, High Quality Life

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  Waste disposal bins have always been necessity goods in human’s daily life. It accompanied human beings through one after another. When you opened the lid of the crude traditional bin must by hand or foot, it brings the inconvenience to us, and it also exist health hazard.Intelligent sensor storage bin has always been the pride of Zhuhai I-Cloud Bin Environmental Technology Scientific Co. Ltd. which is the guide of modern household appliances.The aesthetic fashionable appearance and excellent performance have made innovations in the functions and concepts of traditional trash cans.Intelligent technology, guarantee for high-quality healthy life.
* Non-contact concept, around-the-clock sterile protection
* Infrared sensor design, activated at 2 times of conventional distance
* Fingerprint-proof and mute technologies, creating a tranquil residence environment
* 13 exquisite processes, enabling good air-tightness, manifesting excellent quality
* Power supply for half year, energy saving, high efficiency, long durability
* Aesthetic shape, beautifying your home