Intelligent sensor storage bin——Intelligent technology

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  Intelligent sensor storage bin is introduced with the non-contact design concept, it keeps you away from bacteria, viruses and infection sources; it provides around-the-clock sterile protection and makes the air fresh and free of unpleasant smell. To put wastes into the storage bin, you just need to go near the sensor mouth at a distance of 30-40cm (15-20cm for others), and then the infrared sensor cover will open automatically, and the cover will close automatically 3 seconds after you leave. With sensitive sensor, the cover functions well. The appearance embodies aesthetic design, and the people-oriented structure is unique; multiple colors are optional, making your home more beautiful and fashionable.

  ABS plastic or stainless steel are used, and UV coating is adopted on the surface;13 steps of modeling assured the products refinement.Our storage bin is integrated with light and electronics, and has many advantages like reliable, long durability and low power consumption.  Our storage bin is very efficient in power saving, if you use it 20 times a day, it can be used for 9 months at least without changing for new batteries. At the same time, it is good in resisting strikes, heats, low temperatures, chemicals, abrasions, oils. It assure you of low carbon, high-quality life.