What is intelligent sensor storage bin?

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Intelligent sensor storage bin is controlled by circuit chips, infrared inspection device and mechanic driving system. The bin lid will open automatically when people’s hand or any other thing approach the sensor range, and close automatically in 3 seconds after people leave. The bin uses batteries and doesn’t need external power supply. It is very power efficient.  The design is very novel, and non-contact design concept keeps you away from bacteria, viruses and infection sources. It provides you 24-hour a day sterile protection. 

Operation Instructions:
1.Open the battery cover, put in batteries, please note the polarity, then close the battery cover. Switch on the power, the indicator light will turn red, it 2.means the bin is in standby state.
3.When you want to put something into the storage bin, you only need to wave your hand or any other thing in the sensor range (around 35CM over the sensor window), the bin lid will open automatically. 3 seconds after you leave, the lid will close automatically.

1.Please note the polarity when you put in batteries.
2.Use clean and dry duster cloth to clean the bin. Please don’t wash the bin with water, because there are many circuit chips, which could be damaged by water. Inner bin can be washed with water, but please make sure to dry it before you put it into the outer bin.
3.When the bin is working, please don’t apply external force to the lid, otherwise, the bin may be damaged permanently and could not be repaired.
4.When the batteries are used up, please change them in time to avoid the leaked battery solution damaging the chips.
5.Please do not use the storage bin in the sunlight or humid environment.
6.Please keep the sensor window clean.
7.Do not mix different brands, new and old, rechargeable and disposable batteries.
8.Do not dissemble or repair the storage bin without our guidance.